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Wiser Water is determined to make plastic irrelevant and reduce our dependency on it, especially single-use plastic.  Statistics show that "Humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute in total.  Only about 23% of plastic bottles are recycled within the U.S."  Plastic bottles were a great place to start so we launched the Wiser Bottle™ which can be recycled or thrown in the trash.  Our goal is to develop products that replace the need for plastic while donating profits towards beach/ocean cleanups and providing sustainable solutions for those who have been affected by plastic pollution.  We aim to build a brand that people will support knowing that their contributions will be used to save our dying planet.  Bottled water is our main focus right now but we don't plan on stopping there! 



This company started during the Summer of 2018, right before our co-founders were going to be seniors at Bentley University.  At first, they wanted to try and create an alternative by themselves but soon realized their limited expertise and turned to guidance from top universities in the country.  Luckily, some of the best plastics engineering programs happened to be right here in Massachusetts. 

After reaching out to countless people in Plastics Engineering departments at different universities, they finally got in touch with Carol, a Chair and Professor of Plastics Engineering at University of Massachusetts (Lowell).  She mentored them and even arranged a collaboration with some of the top graduate students in her program for their capstone project.  This project involved testing different materials to see which ones were most compatible with the bottle form and properties.  This year long project was very exciting and the start of Wiser Bottle™.


In addition to this, our team was seeking partners to help us make sure beaches stay clean which we found in March of 2019.  We formed a partnership with a non-profit called Seaside Sustainability, based in Gloucester, MA.  The plan is to donate 10% of our profits to Seaside and partners like them so that we can reduce plastic pollution.  We hope to start selling our bottles of water by the end of 2019 and are excited to create change! 



We are always looking for brilliant minds and motivated candidates to join the Wiser Water Team.  If you are interested in contributing to our success and making a difference then contact us for further steps.