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Our Mission


Wiser Water is more than just water, our brand represents a movement to eliminate single-use plastic.  Industry giants like Coca Cola and Nestle have been profiting off the pollution of our planet for decades.  Petitions and protests haven't prevented them from producing more plastic waste and that's because there hasn't been a quality alternative, until now! Our plan is to hit these giants where it hurts, their sales, forcing them to shift towards more sustainable materials.  The power is in your hands to enact real change and you can do this by choosing Wiser over Coke or Nestle!


We chose bottled water as our first solution because it is simple and a common single-use plastic product with growing production...and demand. Our bottles (the Wiser Bottle™) break down in 7-8 years under landfill conditions compared to the 400-500 years it takes traditional PET bottles.  These bottles are so much more sustainable because the biogas emitted when they break down in landfills can be used to generate clean energy! 


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Saving the planet requires a collective effort and it starts with you. Find single-use items used in your life, like water, and replace them with sustainable alternatives!  The Wiser Water community is focused on spreading awareness and developing Wiser Warriors to help fight for our planet. We have seen the damage that plastic pollution is already causing around the world and have dedicated ourselves to help. Wiser Water pledges 10% of its profits to supply clean drinking water to those without access while also organizing beach and ocean cleanup events. Join us in this movement and support us in getting our bottles on shelves near you!



Our Story 


Wiser Water started during the Summer of 2018 right before our founders entered their senior year of college. They were tired of talking and decided to act. The name of the company came easy but developing a final product would prove to be more difficult than either of them expected. With limited resources, they started reaching out to colleges and universities for help with this project. After countless emails and cold calls, they finally got in touch with Carol, a Chair and Professor of Plastics Engineering at University of Massachusetts Lowell. Carol arranged a collaboration between Wiser Water and her top graduate students in the UMass Lowell plastic engineering program.

Our teams worked together to test different plastics in an effort to find a more sustainable single-use option. This year-long project was very exciting and the start of the Wiser Bottle™. Since then, our team has grown to over 20 virtual volunteers from around the U.S. and is still growing. We are constantly implementing new ideas and sharing important information in the world of sustainability. Wiser Water has and always will be focused on spreading awareness for plastic pollution but we do more than just talk. Stay tuned for the amazing innovations to come!



Our Team



             Jarod Pinto - Co-Founder and CEO

Jarod founded Wiser Water with his roommate Alex Torrey at the end of 2018 and has been working to create solutions ever since. He enjoys spending time outdoors and playing soccer.





             Jon Kerman - Volunteer Marketing Consultant

Jon first joined to the Wiser Water team back in 2018. He has since been volunteering to help the company build their social media and advertising presence.







            Fahad Alam- Volunteer Partner Relations

Fahad joined the team early 2018. He has since been helping build partnerships with local companies which share similar values to Wiser Water. He enjoys traveling in his free time.







Join Us


We are always looking for passionate supporters and motivated candidates to join the Wiser Water Team. If you are interested in contributing to our success and making a difference, then contact us for further steps.



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