7 Apps to Help you Live a More Sustainable Life Today

7 Apps to Help you Live a More Sustainable Life Today

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Are you wanting to live a more sustainable life but aren’t sure where or even how to start?

With so much information out there, going green can be quite confusing. What bag should you use? Where should you shop to support zero waste? Should you go vegan?

It seems like there would be a more simple way to walk you through all of these questions with easy steps to follow and a wonderful support system to help keep you on track.

Thankfully, there are apps for that. Here are 7 of the best apps to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

App #1: My Little Plastic Footprint

This app is the perfect place to start. Create your profile to first become educated on your current plastic footprint (and the footprint of your surrounding area). Then, find easy-fix alternatives at nearby locations. This way, your journey to change is within range and shouldn’t interfere with your day-to-day life. My Little Plastic Footprint feels like an exciting new diet tracking app that progresses as your progress.  

App #2: JouleBug

JouleBug is still new to the market but seems to be quite impressive. The entire app is focused around helping make you feel more confident about living a green life through simple games, connecting with friends, and fun competitions with rewards. Motivation to learn more and share with others is made easy with this app. 

App #3: DoneGood

DoneGood allows you to search for items you need, apply filters by values you care most about, and then provide companies and products that meet your search criteria. Looking for a piece of clothing? Wonderful! Now you can binge shop with 0% guilt. Apply filters such as ‘organic, green, and supports workers’ before you start. Then, simply scroll through the thousands of options online that can direct you seamlessly to their webpage for more information. 

App #4: Think Dirty

Think Dirty sounds bad, but is oh so good. This app was designed for people who need advice about green shopping on-the-go. It allows you to scan products that you’re about to purchase or have already purchased to show a list of helpful insights about how green (or non-green) a product really is. It also highlights a fun learning feature to help educate you on future buys by learning about ingredients and their significance.

App #5: RecycleNation

RecycleNation is a simple, yet powerful app that provides quick access to locating your local recycling area. The easy-to-use search feature allows you to select ‘what’ you’re recycling and then prompts you for your zip code. After that, it shows a map with add-able filters to help make your search more specific to your needs.

App #6: Refresh Go Green

This app was made for those just starting out and needing more than just a few helpful hits on products or where to shop. Introducing Refresh Go Green: the app that helps you make time by giving you a customized plan to start and keep. You start off by choosing your level of ‘green’, all depending on the number of steps you want to take per week to dedicate to your green lifestyle. After that, the app shows suggestions with how-to’s and why’s for each step to complete. If you’re a visual person, each step you complete gets you a new green leaf added to your green tree.

App #7: #climate

Let’s say you’re on track living your new ‘green-er’ lifestyle but you want to start making a change outside of you and your home. #climate was created with this purpose in mind. This app acts as a hub for surrounding issues facing global wellness that you can be a part of for change. After you personalize and filter out what concerns you most, the app provides a list of actions needed that you can trust to be real. Once you’ve helped out, you can share your action with others, all with the click of a button. That way, others can be inspired by your progress and start their own action profile on #climate. 

Move forward and start living your more sustainable life today!


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